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Round and round and round

Pressing the big red start button on Monday. Not sad about it.

Pressing the big red start button on Monday. Not sad about it.

There are still bugs on my ceiling
Yoga is still at 5:30 on Tuesdays
The bathroom door still sticks in the summer
My mom is still worried about my 401K and I still don’t know what that means
My dad still has two orange popsicles before bed
I still can’t make up my mind about anything at all

I left and came back and still nothing has changed.

Scottish Numbers

Once I crossed the finish line it was all over. The race too.

Clapham food festival

If they won’t even respond to your email, you don’t want to work for them anyway
— Alex Bec

Redesigning an original with a flexible grid.

David Pearson & Penguin Books

Paul Smith // Designs of the year 2014 // Daniel Weil

A syringe that changes color when it’s exposed to air, a wall covered entirely in buttons, and an archival display of Pentagram partner Daniel Weil’s sketchbooks that covers over 30 years of his creative thinking make for a tantalizing trifecta of exhibitions at the Design Museum.

I can’t even be asked to choose my favorite of the three. You can’t make me. I won’t do it.

You can imagine the internal torment I experienced when asked to choose THE design of the year out of all the worthy nominees.

I did though, and it was thisĀ