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So yesterday I took the train over to NYC to go to the Digitas University Open House, a meet and greet for college students who are just trying to create a plan for how to survive in the advertising world. While I am not particularly drawn to pop culture or advertising, I figured it was an opportunity to talk to some professional creatives in hopes of getting any kind of helpful insight.

Digitas is a massive, global advertising agency with clients such as American Express, Puma, Comcast, and Buick and before yesterday, I never thought I could see myself in such a huge, media-based agency. Until I talked to one of the executives, I figured it would be impossible to have an individual voice in a project that has 400 other contributors. Their work is impressive and intimidating but if nothing else, I did come away with a new, important realization: First, think big.

During their initial presentation they talked a lot about some of the employees’ first jobs and they made it very clear that your first job is probably not exactly what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. But, it is better to start big. If you start at a large corporation with a lot of connections, it will be an easier transition to your eventual dream job. Large companies also have more funds and resources that will allow you to do more, make more, and think bigger. Frankly, it gets a little old to have to worry about how I am going to pay for my 18x24 posters at Staples.

Oh and lastly, don’t be a jerk (They said if you’re talented you can make it anywhere..unless you’re a jerk). 

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